The Temporary Transit offer in Europe dedicated to Angola


Travel in Europe behind the wheel
of a new car

Temporary transit, a car for your vacation

As soon as the holidays appear, French people living outside France prepare for their stay in their country of origin to visit their friends and family ... It is not easy to organize this one-off return without spending a fortune. Expats have at their disposal a very interesting option: temporary transit.

> Temporary transit, what is it?

Simply put, temporary transit allows you to buy a vehicle without paying taxes. These are in fact specific provisions to promote, during a temporary stay, the purchase of a vehicle to be exported. This purchase is made in total exemption from the payment of taxes. These vehicles are registered with TT plates, numbers and letters in white on a red background and bearing the date of expiry of the regime. This applies to passenger cars, but also to caravans, 2 or 3-wheelers and motorhomes.

To be able to benefit from this advantage, you must have your normal residence outside the customs territory of the European Union or in a DOM, stay temporarily in the European Union and not be engaged in any gainful activity during this stay. You must also be at least 21 years old and have a driving license obtained for at least one year. Your family (spouses, ascendants, direct descendants) can, if they are in the same situation as you, use the vehicle. But be careful, no one else can use this vehicle, whatever the pretext!

The price is all inclusive and there will be no untimely overcharging.

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> Beneficiaries by way of derogation
Natural persons who, within a maximum period of six months from their return to the national territory, are reassigned outside the Community. The regime is granted to them only for the duration of their stay in France within this insuperable limit of six months.
Natural persons residing in the Community who are about to transfer their residence to a third country. They must prove the reality of this imminent change of residence. The regime is granted to them for three months, with no possible extension of this period.